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with Rabbi Shmuel Shlomo Shuchatowitz, certified mohel




Service from Beginning to End

Because your baby deserves a bris that will create treasured memories for a lifetime

Mazal Tov!

The birth of a baby boy is a blessed and busy time in a parent’s life. There are myriad of details to tend to and a new baby who requires round-the-clock care. New parents are understandably anxious to ensure that a compassionate, skilled mohel tends to their baby at his bris.

Rabbi Shmuel Shlomo Shuchatowitz, certified mohel, tends to each baby boy with devotion and dedication. Parents will be at ease as each step of the bris is explained beforehand and all concerns are addressed with calm reassurance. They can be confident that their baby’s bris will be handled efficiently and professionally.

Rabbi Shuchatowitz was individually trained in Israel by Rabbi Yosef Oren. Rabbi Oren has performed close to 35,000 brissim, averaging close to 250 brissim a month. Rabbi Oren and his protégés are renowned for performing fast brissim that minimize pain to the baby. Rabbi Oren’s method ensures a faster healing process. Many of the common issues that arise during and after a bris are subsequently avoided.

Personal service with punctuality, flexibility, and availability

Highest standards of hygiene

Special focus on baby’s comfort

Many warm references available

The bris was wonderfully done; [it was] perfect.

Harav Moshe Shapiro, ztz"l, Yerushalayim

The avreich [Rabbi Shuchatowitz] did quite a fine job…

Harav Dovid Soloveitchik, shlita, Rosh Yeshivah Yeshivas Hagramad, Yerushalayim

He [Rabbi Shuchatowitz] has performed many times in my presence all the parts of the bris and has

displayed extreme proficiency in performing… with the exacting demands of halachah and hygiene… It is

fitting for him to bring the children of Klal Yisrael into the bris with his hands and heart…

Rabbi Yosef Oren, Yerushalayim

[in his letter of certification]

I watched him carefully and was very satisfied. He performed the procedure perfectly, with care for detail, and the whole process was completed quickly and professionally. As a grandmother and a doctor, I am happy to recommend him; he is a real professional.

Dr. Joyce Morel, Toronto/Har Nof

It was obvious that he knew what he was doing. He performed the Bris with a lot of confidence, which was reassuring to everyone because they knew that this is not someone who would be fazed, and that everything would proceed smoothly.

Rabbi Reuven Ribiat, Philadelphia

I’ve watched the brissim of all my grandchildren, and I can say that Rabbi Shuchatowitz’s job was the best of them all.

Mrs. Rabi, Bnei Brak

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To schedule a bris or otherwise be in touch, please email Rabbi Shuchatowitz below, or to phone him directly at 516-269-1243 or 516-491-0814.

Rabbi Shuchatowitz performing a Bris with R’ Chaim Kanievsky shlita serving as Sandak.

Letter of certification from Rabbi Yosef Oren, world renown Mohel teacher